F*@k it

15 07 2011

Well, common sense prevailed. I was even excited by Ed’s post that it was -5.5c in Canberra this morning however as the day dragged on and the coughing fits lengthened it became increasingly clear that there was no hope of me fronting to work on monday if I took up this particular challenge. While it grates at me that I am all talk and no action when it comes to the C2C, I will have to live to fight another day on this particular front.

I am toying with the idea of an ITT in the near future although C-town is a just that little bit too far away to fit in a 400km ride comfortably into a weekend. Perhaps I will take a monday off work and get to it as soon as possible, after all Mr Ed and JMac when to quite the effort to organize the cue sheets and sort the GPS file.




One response

15 07 2011
Aaron Williams

Time to settle in with a bottle of rum and poison the sickness! I was in Canberra from Thursday to Sunday last weekend. I rode Bruce Ridge early Sunday morning for an hour, didn’t raise a sweat going full biscuit and couldn’t feel my toes for 2 hours after i was done!

There’s always next year!

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