Singleton – best track ever!

24 07 2011

Today I fell in love with lap racing again. I wasn’t even racing, but trying to chase down the lead pack whilst riding a giant reign in work boots and long pants and it re-kindled a love of the pursuit. I could see the lead pack in the distance and slowly came into contact with them and  I hung on as long as I could but was inevitably dropped. It didn’t seem to matter however because the Singo track was so much fun.

The track has the most magic wide sweeping corners that allow you to come in way too hot and somehow skate your way through. There’s copious amounts of room for passing and the whole course is lined by Jongewood trees that dare you to see how close you can get before they grab your bars and throw you off.

The real win however is the location. Singleton saw a fraction of the rain that fell in Newcastle. If my front lawn is any sort of barometer, then Glenrock is a write off and Awaba has taken a beating yet Singo was perfect. It’s a real asset for mountain bikers in the Hunter and I’ll be taking my Mrs for a ride out there soon because she is going to love it.





2 responses

25 07 2011

Did i not see you pushing your bike, did you get a flat?
Were you smashed from trying to keep up?

25 07 2011

Yeah, that was me. Flat tyre. Deans Scott spark couldn’t handle the pace.

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