Nabiac and back

27 07 2011

I managed 300k’s today. 0700 start and 1900 finish. About 11 hours of pedaling time and an hour of eating, toilet breaks and fixing a flat tyre (i didn’t see the rock and pinch flatted within sight of the half way mark).

It rained on me several times but the weather was generally pretty good.

I had been pretty nervous about my ability to do 300k’s in a day after last weekends struggle to make 180 in a day. Was I kidding myself and I didn’t have it in me? There were a few things against me last week. A huge hill, fat tyres, bad weather and crumbly back country roads. I knew changing out the tyres from 2.2 knobbies to 23mm 700c road tyres was going to make life a little easier but I had no idea it was going to be this much difference.  I was averagaing at least 6 kph faster than last weekend which was a huge relief.

Aerobars are the greatest things ever. I must have spent 80% of my time on the aeros and it now just feels natural

Anyway. no photos, no GPS file, just a nice day in the outdoors.







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28 07 2011

Spoonie, stop posting on Roscos blog eh!

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