More big days

31 07 2011

Its amusing the things your think about while you pedal along a lonely road. For instance, why hasn’t anyone pointed out before that TISM predicted Michael Jackson’s death from drugs years ago

“Where will I get my next drug action? Odds on it will be Michael Jackson”.

It was dozens of these realizations which passed through my brain this weekend as I sat and pedaled. Occasionally something interesting would happen like arriving in a town with the promise of food, but mostly it was sit and pedal and think.

I did see an amazing meteorite that left a flaming streak across the sky before exploding in a brilliant blue orb.

I did accidentally bivvy in some guys backyard. I thought it was an industrial area as I bedded down in the long grass but the cold light of morning revealed a house next to the ‘warehouse’ and I had accidentally ridden in via his driveway…. no harm, no foul.

I ate 15000 kJ’s in a single sitting at  Port Maccas. It was awesome.

Day 2 legs felt better than day 1 legs – go figure.

A successful weekend and a fair indicator that I have found enough legs to be able to ride across Aus. Now I just need to get the head in the right place and all the chips should fall into place.

Free promotional shot for Martin at Rocky Trail

Cold misty morning











One response

2 08 2011

whats the next O’D they announce-odd’s on it will be Amy Winehouse!-yes Ross I think a little too much when I ride my pushy also

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