A long time between updates

7 08 2011

I had my first ride in a week today. I intended to have a very light week to let a few niggling areas of joint soreness heal and to actually see my wife since we have barely crossed paths in the last month. It has been good and by day 3 I was already hankering to go for a long ride. Thankfully the bike was in the shop being further frankenbiked so rest was enforced.

The club social ride went for a pedal at Sandy Hollow (bring your pugsley) and was pleasantly surprised to find a trail with the perfect combination of rocks, off camber high speed corners and tree gaps exactly a standard cow width apart. The trails are still in their early stages however it was a great morning for a ride and it was just fantastic to explore somewhere new.

I decided this week to start building a new seat bag. My old one had several design flaws and was starting to wear horribly as a result. I checked out a genuine Carousel Design Works bag on Wednesday and it gave me a few ideas on how to improve things and so I spent 10 hours over the course of the week fiddling with the sewing machine, swearing like a sailor and stomping my feet when things didn’t go my way (quite often). At the end, I expected to wind up with something equivalent to a plastic bag full of dog poop that you see swinging off a collar of an unfortunate border collie on a shared path, however I was pleasantly surprised to find it actually looks quite pro.

Since I know all the faults in workmanship involved in this beastie, I decided to keep it as a test model and make a couple more (for Wifey and I when we ride the Otago rail trail next year). I gave it to AK today to beat the crap out of on an upcoming multi-day ride and give some feedback.  There are some untried buckles which I would like to get some feedback on.

It’s practically cavernous. I can’t believe how many things I was able to stuff into it and it still looked empty. I put in 3 jumpers and a towel and it was begging me to add more. Anyay, enough talk, more pictures:



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