HuRT is good

11 08 2011

A random call from B-rad around midday on Wed and we had a plan to map some more of the HuRT trail. This was the bit that I have ‘ridden’ a few times and involves a hike-a-bike up a 400 m climb and I wasn’t really looking forward to it. Thankfully, the call was made to ride it in reverse and just invert the GPS trail. Brad even had a mountain bike for me to ride since every bike I own is in pieces at the moment.

We headed off from Ellalong pub (cunningly conceived so that the ride would also finish at the pub) and rode up Heaton, across the top of the ridgeline to Barraba and then down the GNW. It was seriously good times. I can’t tell you how hard I laughed on that descent. I was literally sitting on the rear tyre I was so far behind the seat and I was still fighting not to go over the bars as I negotiated ultra tight switchbacks, rock drops and logs. There were whole sections where I was completely out of control and only reached the bottom in one piece because the fates conspired to make it so.

Halfway down, we discovered a water source which we had missed every other time we had been up there. There is an old shack with a water tank which will come in very handy on the HuRT. I’ll deliberately run light on water up to that point so I don’t have to carry all the weight up the first part of the hill and then top up at the tank. It is also some shelter if there is bad weather.

From there, It was a noodly road ride back to Ellalong pub and a beer while watching the sun set. Good times.



Here is the current HuRT trail (yes, the website has defaulted to german, I have no idea why). It is about 170k’s (of which 80% is single track) so far and I expect we have at least 130k’s of trail mapping to go yet. Its going to be ace!




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11 08 2011

I need a new job one like youres less workin more riding

11 08 2011

You need to figure out how to get your garmin to allow you to follow a breadcrumb and then go ride some of it! It will blow your hair back!

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