Frank is back

13 08 2011

I picked up ‘Frank’ from Gateshead cycles today. We attempted to graft a 53/39 road crank set onto it however there were some clearance issues involving the chain stay which couldn’t be resolved and the old MTB cranks had to remain. Instead, AK found a 48/36 chainring combo which we fitted and now I have a gear that will allow me to ‘deploy the spinnaker’ should I be met with the mother of all tail winds.

After that, I cobbled together a bike out of the bits of shite laying all over my house and went for a spin with the GPS to map some more HuRT. I got from Adamstown station through to Edgeworth however I haven’t got a firm plan about where the trail will go once we hit the trails next to the link road. I have a few ideas so I will have a poke around in the near future and see what I can find.

It was amusing riding a 26 inch dually again. I had the most amazing catlike over the bars moment. I was almost stationary, put the wheel into a small rut and gracefully pirouetted over the bars landing softly on my face in the gravel. A little missing skin, a little chuckle to myself and a gentle reminder that we aren’t in Kansas any more Toto.





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