Pimp my ride – staying visible on the commute

16 08 2011

A little while ago I ordered some parts with the aim of making myself a little more visible on the night time commute from work. I already have a hump backpack cover (there are a few of us rocking these covers on the way to the Terrace in the morning) and the obligatory blinky lights. Yet I always felt like I was pretty susceptible to being missed from traffic entering from intersections. Just driving a car at night time and seeing other riders fending off traffic with nothing more than a 1 watt LED tail light makes you realize how little you stand out.

Now I have a super pimp light system which looks terrible by daylight but can’t be missed by night time. It has around 6 hours run time, is completely water proof and cost about $15.00 in parts. Since it was my trial rig, I blew a few LED’s while trying to run them off a stupendously over volted battery just to see what would happen so there are a few spots which are dim.

It is so bright you can easily see the road illuminated 2 lanes away and your legs take on an eerie blue as you pedal away into the darkness. Conveniently, it also prevents junkies from trying to use my lights for unsafe injecting practices.

Unfortunately, I only have a crappy iphone picture at the moment, but I have a few more parts on order to build another so I will take a proper photo when i get around to making another.



6 responses

16 08 2011

Any way of charging on the ride?

16 08 2011


I won’t need it on Trans-Oz. In the outback there will be so little ambient light that a blinky LED will be seen from miles away. It is more intended for the work commute where there is significantly more ‘light pollution’ for me to blend into.

17 08 2011

You need the LED setup on my fish tank then. Some serious LED action happening there to outshine the ambient light.

17 08 2011

A true Jedi bike light!

17 08 2011

Put a speaker system on it and you’ll be a mobile rave party.

17 08 2011

if only it was a real light saber!-some turd cuts you off in a car-couple of swipes across the roof to teach them a lesson!!

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