I need new Knees

17 08 2011

I haven’t been vocal about it until this point, but I’m having a few problems with knee pain that are going to make Trans-Oz a real nightmare. The pain is only mild at this point and I am hopeful that with 3 weeks of solid rest prior to leaving, I can recover sufficiently to allow me to make it the whole way but there are some nagging doubts in the back of my mind that don’t do great things for confidence.

This morning I paid a visit to Marek at Two Wheel Industries to have my setup double checked. Unfortunately, the bike setup was pretty close to spot on so there aren’t a great deal of changes that will yield instant relief to my knees. My Q factor (I can’t believe I just uttered that phrase) was apparently too wide and some changes to cleat position may help things a little, however rest, anti-inflammatories and a teaspoon of cement are the only things that I have up my sleeve at the moment.

Since I can’t go ride huge K’s, I’m going to have to find something else to do so the HuRT facebook page (soon to be released) might get a few needed updates to reflect the imminent release of the grand depart date. Its going to be rad!






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18 08 2011
Kev Wells

If you want another opinion on your setup check out: http://www.stevehoggbikefitting.com/cyclefit/
He will do things to you that will question your old setup. It is pricey but if you are having knee problems from the bike Steve is your man. Well at least have a read of his publication articles as well. Although he is a busy man and I’d expect to wait 6 weeks, and the 6 weeks to adapt to the setup.

18 08 2011

With all these extra ks have you upped your stretching and treated yourself to some remedial massage. I’m guessing with the amount of training you’ve been doing your hip flexors and itb would be guitar string tight.

18 08 2011

I have to admit that I am LOUSY at stretching. Admittedly my legs are pretty tight at the moment but perhaps the irony is that the only part of me that is carrying injury is the one joint that stretching can’t really do much for. Stupid patella tendon! Thanks for the kick in the pants though… of to stretch some more.

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