Shameless self promotion?

31 08 2011

Despite being a complete contradiction for someone who publishes the minute of his cycling life on the internet, I’m actually a pretty low fuss, under the radar sort of guy. So I’m struggling with the task of drawing attention to my ride and the degree of self promotion that comes with it. I’m having to pimp myself out to all sorts of news outlets and the Chemmart marketing department are starting to pull some strings to get a little more exposure as well. I’m finding it rather daunting although my extremely wise buisness partner has trained me well and taught me the fine art of sucking it up and doing it for the greater good.

I have an article coming up in the local paper and featured in the pharmacy daily on Tuesday and there are a couple of other avenues that I am pursuing and hoping it leads to some more donations. After all, its all for a good cause (I am starting to sound more and more like the fat cyclist every day :))

In other news, I started packing all my shite onto the bike to make sure it is all going to fit where I need it.  This was the first time I have loaded up the new super seat bag with all the stuff that I intend to take and I have found that the new bag is FREAKING ENORMOUS! I was literally hunting around for other things to pack because there was so much space left!.

B-rad overcame his allergy to gears to give me a hand installing the short cage ultegra rear mech in place of the long cage XTR and the bike now shifts flawlessly. Many thanks go to B-rad for his help, along with the full length poncho/ultralight tarp that he loaned me which I will use to cover my bivvy if the weather turns exceptionally shite.

Mick at Gateshead also loaned me a solar iphone charger which should see me listening to music most days to pass the time! They are starting to accrue a mighty array of bike-packing paraphernalia in that store and I even succumbed to weight weenie lust for an ultralight towel (thats weight weenie speak for a piece of cloth about the size of a face washer).

Finally, I bought some ultralight tent pegs to complement B-rads ponchotarp.

I’ll box up the bike on friday/saturday. Stay in Syd on sat night and hop my flight on sunday morning….. I guess I had better organize accommodation in perth for Sunday night. So much to do still, pedaling is going to be the easy part .




One response

1 09 2011
Kev Wells

Good luck and enjoy, I hope you have a tail wind the whole way :).

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