You don’t have your best ride every time….

14 09 2011

Well, I finally made it home last night and it surely is a great place to be. After all the traveling I have done in the last 2 weeks, I’m glad to be laying on the couch with no agenda and nowhere to go. I’ll start working on a post shortly detailing some of the places I visited in Trans-Oz, however for now I am just glad to be back.

Trans-Oz as Sir Lenny commented, has been a great success for OCA fund raising yet for me personally it feels like there is unfinished business. Whether I ever summon up the enthusiasm to take another swing is a whole other matter however. I did learn that while massive solo rides are pretty cool, massive rides with mates are even better. Particularly when they are off-road rather than following the black top. At least off road bumpy trails mean there is something else to focus on other than how much your knee hurts. Road riding means you just look around at the scenery and when the scenery has been EXACTLY the same for the last 10 hours a little part of you dies inside.

The worst time is morning. Everything hurts and all you have to look forward to is another 12 hours of pedaling along a boring strip of road. So while my knee was what took me out of the ride, how long before my brain shut down and I called it quits will never be known.

At least I have the HuRT to start working on now. A man without a goal is a lost cause indeed and the HuRT will be just the right length and the single track just superb enough that i’ll go for a ride and a smile and enjoy being on the bike.




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14 09 2011


14 09 2011

you missed the best ride while you were gone 😉

best trails ever

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