One left standing

7 10 2011

Why is it that when you have more and more bikes, less and less of them are actually in serviceable condition at any given time? I figured sharing the wear amongst a few bikes would greatly decrease the amount of wear on components and everything would take longer to fall apart. Unfortunatey this doesn’t appear to be the case as I am again left with only a single working bike (the single speed of course). Trotter is getting the rear wheel rebuilt after popping yet another spoke and then its brakes are sucking air so are getting some new seals as well. The race bike doesn’t actually have  a wheelset or brakes at the moment which is pretty much OK because I haven’t been racing but i’ll hopefully remedy that soon.

I haven’t even thought about putting the parts that I stole for Trans-Oz back on the road bike yet. They are all there, they just aren’t bolted back onto the bike. So when it came time to pick the car up from servicing, there was no other choice than spinning along in the rain on a 32×20 mountain bike –  so very very slow and so very very wet.

Perhaps I should stop lusting after new bikes and spend a bit of time sorting out what is already in the shed.



One response

7 10 2011

that’s why you ‘need’ a moonlander. geared, 4.5 inches front and back. switch wheels to ss

too easy

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