Scott 24

9 10 2011

Gee it was hard sitting on the sidelines and not getting to ride this one. I didn’t’ think I was going to miss riding Stromolo but it really got me longing when race morning dawned.

I got to see the other side of 24 hour racing on the other hand. I spent most of the weekend hanging out in Ed’s pit as he turned himself inside out in pursuit of Jason English. While the final score card looked like another Jason English white wash, the reality is that it was far from so. Ed only trailed Jason by less than 10 minutes the whole night with Jason managing to find another 10 minutes around dawn.

While still riding like his cool calm, collected self, it was the first time I have seen Jason clearly racing hard in a 24 hour. Normally he just looks like he is on cruise control. Ed really made him work for it and if a few key moments had panned out differently, Ed would have been a whole lot closer.

Personally, I think Ed is the heir apparent to Jason’s 24 hour empire and I can’t wait to see how things pan out at next years 24 nationals.




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