Avoiding the Psycho Horse Beast

20 10 2011

Brad and I have long debated the legalities of access through one of our favourite trails sections near Awaba. It has some amazing flowing single track, chunky climbs and unfortunately a crazy horse riding local that claims ownership over the area. She has put up private property signs all over the area which extend outside the fence line and are adjacent to a public access privately owned reserve.

Having been on the receiving end of her vitriol in the past, I didn’t want to expose others to the same situation and so spent some time trying to find an alternative route to use in the HuRT.

Google earth is a great resource although it can also be the source of much false hope. There were several fire trails that looked liked they would take me to exactly where I wanted to go but from satellite photos, you can’t see the fences and private property signs that closed down every avenue.

Eventually I had no other choice than to retrace a past missed turn which I knew would take us around the area in question but would add a hurty hurty hurty hike a bike.

Funnily enough, when I got to the top it wasn’t nearly as bad as I remembered and it came out at the level of the road gap leaving a sensational descent through to Awaba. So the HuRT file is now finished and now I just need to sort the cue sheets and update the website a little and it will be game on!



2 responses

21 10 2011

i hope thats not the hike a bike we did on sawpit supa satuday, at any time of a ride thats gunna hurt

21 10 2011

Yeah, that’s the one toddy. It was nowhere near as bad as I remember it (perhaps because there are much much bigger pushes in the hurt?) Fancy riding it again sometime?

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