The cartoon bike

16 11 2011

I feel like a kid all over again. There are thousands of possibilites laid out before me that weren’t within reach when I got out of bed this morning. The number of places to ride and explore has just increased by an order of magnitude and the adventures that await are more numerous that I can imagine. B-rad has been talking up his fat bike for a long time and I confess that when he first got it, my initial reaction was “what the hell does he want that for?”. I just didn’t get it.

It really took watching MC and Co getting way, way, way off the beaten track in Alaska for me to finally get what fat bikes were all about. They aren’t about cutting a fast race lap. They aren’t about having the lightest bike with the trickest components in whole street. They are about having fun, feeling like a kid again and exploring areas that you’d never even thought about before.

I got to embark upon my maiden voyage on mine today. Through blind luck and some happy accidents, it appears that I probably have the first Surly Moonlander in Aus. Long before they are due to  be released and long before Chad (who has one on pre-order too), who has thrown every imaginable insult in my direction as a result.

I first sterilised the top tube (there are rumours of some tea bagging photos circulating in emails – if you have a copy of that photo, i don’t want it!), then I headed to the beach for a pedal to see just what it is capable of.

I have a million thoughts on this topic that I will address in a follow up post at some point, however, in the mean time – satisfy yourself with some pictures as I battled with a howling southerly change to try and get a camera to hold still for self portraits. Amusing stuff.


For Chad….




3 responses

16 11 2011

what pressure you running? 😉

16 11 2011

Some. More than flat, less than hard.

17 11 2011

It truly looks like love!

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