3 days until the fat bike odyssey

5 02 2012

It’s getting real now. I had two separate attempts at patching the hole in the colossus over the weekend and both attempts failed miserably. For some reason, the adhesives failed to adhere to the boat fabric. I pondered just using it as is, but figured it was asking for trouble and would likely deposit me at the bottom of the deepest waterway we crossed. So I bought another and then modified the inflation bag to fit the new valve types.

Now I am cramming all manner of objects onto my bike and attempting to figure out where I can fit a SLR and three lenses along with a fishing rod and associated tackle. With rain forecast for the next 20 odd days, it is going to be a pretty soggy trip but it should firm up the soft beach sand and make for easier pedalling.

I’ll likely post some photos of the completed setup on wednesday, but then i’ll be off the air for a fortnight or so.

Starting to get excited




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