Fat bike ride starts tomorrow

8 02 2012

Looking at the piles of equipment on the ground, it was clear enough that there was no way in the world it was all going to fit. I’ve done light and fast in the past but wanted to do something a little different this trip so had packed a few extra luxuries that i would normally forego since I’m expecting most days to be raining. Extra luxuries require extra space and short of feeding it all into the hopper of a log grinder to produce a more manageable powder, i was going to need to have a rethink.

Last weekend I was all psyched up to make a new frame bag but ultimately was brought undone when spotlight had zero 50mm velcro in stock. Without velcro to attach the bag to the frame, it wasn’t a whole lot of use making a bag at all so I abandoned the idea and resigned myself to making some tough decisions about gear. This morning, inspirational again struck and after some rummaging, I managed to salvage some rejected bits and pieces to gain enough velcro to make an auxiliary frame bag to fill in the gap which is normally occupied by my water bottle.

After an hours swearing and spatial inneptitude, I had constrcuted a nifty little bag that filled the hole perfectly and swallowed everything I needed to fit on the bike. Success! It actually looks fairly reasonable except for the bit where I completely forgot about the seat post gusset. Once I get it a little dirty, it should fit in with my other bags quite nicely.

Of course, this now means I’m carrying a fantastic host of junk and a quick check on the bathroom scales saw the bike plus gear registering a horrifying 34kgs (without water in those bottles!). That’s a whole lot of weight to be pushing along in the sand although if i removed the tent and boat, there wouldn’t actually be that much stuff left. I suspect there will be quite a bit of suffering going on when clambering over head lands with the bike on the shoulder. At least it will help with the fitness for my HuRT ITT later in the year.

Anyway, for anyone wanting to track our progress, here are some dots to follow along too – http://share.findmespot.com/shared/faces/viewspots.jsp?glId=0DlSfogLMAi5fMre1ha7gGMMgneGb493X

And lastly, the obligatory gear shot – all it needs now is the fishing rod!




2 responses

8 02 2012

Just wait till I take you over the headland of maitland bay 🙂

8 02 2012

Enjoy! I will watch with interest.

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