This will be the fourth revision of my ‘about’ blurb and the changes that have occurred over the years bring a smile to my face.

Initially, this was the prototypical racer boy blog which featured nothing but race reports and thoughts on training. Over time, I’ve moved away from shorter races and the blog became more focused on my longer enduro races like the Word 24 Solo Champs in 2010. Yet even that has faded a little in the last 12 months as I got involved as the XC race co-ordinator for HMBA and organized my first 24 hour race.

Lately bikepacking has captured my imagination as it combines riding endless trail with camping and adventure and it is here that my focus is likely to fall for the foreseeable future. While I plan on dusting off the race bike and riding shorter races and possibly the odd 24, my heart just wants to pedal off towards the horizon carrying all I need and seeing where I end up.

I’ve started carrying the big camera more and more and the photos on this blog are becoming a real source of pride so I will spend a little more time looking through a lens and bragging about places I’ve been.

I love it when people write in so if you see something you like (or something ridiculous), let me know about it!

Happy Trails!



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