DIY lumens

Up until a little while ago, I had no idea that there was a thriving DIY light scene. It is a pretty niche interest and unless you happen to meet someone with some, or stumble across a webpage about them, why would you even stop to think if it might exist. Yet, exist it does.

Late one night I was researching lights in order to replace my rapidly fading Vistalight Halogens. Amongst all the questions about where to buy cheap HID bulbs and where to find cheap relacement batteries, were a few nutters who were making their own lights. The thing that really struck me however was that their lights looked almost as good as store bought items, and they were about twice as bright for a given dollar value.

I have long been a bit of a tinkerer, so this sort of thing immediately appealed to me. I spent a couple of days reading all that the good people on MTBR DIY light forum could give and then ordered some parts. I had no idea what I was ordering or how to really go about wiring it up, but it now seemed like cheating to go and buy a set of lights when it was within my grasp to make my own.

After weeks of playing around, I eventually ended up making “the duster”. My faithful bar light which has seen me through quite a few races of late. It isn’t the prettiest light out there, but it sure is bright!

I have since acquired a trout light to use on the helmet and can’t praise it enough. Not only is it ridiculously bright, but looks the business as-well.


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