What is the HuRT?

Primarily it’s a race. An individual time trial following a GPS file over 300k’s of single track with some fire road and asphalt thrown in to link it all up. It is a self supported event where riders enter a gentleman’s agreement to abide by the spirit of rules and compete to set the fastest time for the course and the challenge of completing a monster ride.

There is a Grand depart set for November 2011 however riders are free to have a crack at the route at any time of their choosing allowing people to fit it in around their race calender and family commitments.

The HuRT is more than that though. It’s also a route that riders can follow who want to explore some amazing trails but don’t want to compete. Ride it over a leisurely 4 days. Ride bits of it with mates. Ride somewhere new and get away from the McTrail centre mindset and enjoy a totally new experience. While its no Colarado Trail, its probably one of the most amazing rides I’ve ever done and should be near the top of every mountain bikers list of places to ride in NSW.

There is a facebook page setup here: with all the information and discussion so poke your head in and take a look because its a really exciting loop.



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